This past Monday, at Apple's 34th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, I had the distinct honor of watching on with glee as Tim Cook pulled the covers off a project to which I've dedicated more than one and a half years of my life: Swift Playgrounds, a new app for iPad that makes learning to code accessible to anyone, as well as being a pretty powerful tool for even the most seasoned of developers to experiment with.

I'm still recovering from the conference and the run-up thereto, and I'm taking some much needed vacation, but I just wanted to say that the response to Swift Playgrounds has been nothing short of overwhelming. It is truly staggering the kind things some people have said about the app (and the team that made it).

But perhaps nothing excites me more than hearing how Swift Playgrounds is already touching people's lives.

I'm so proud to have the full weight of a corporation like Apple behind this mission—and if you haven't seen the truly inspiring "Everyone Can Code" video yet, get some tissues ready and go watch it. You can also watch me, along with my extraordinary colleagues, talk about the app in much greater detail, if you'd like.

Working on this project has been a privilege and an honor, and I can't wait to see where we take it in the future. Thank you to everyone for your kind words, and keep learning!